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Woodland Deliver Gymkhana 2.0

Earlier this month, Woodland Group loaded the cars for this year’s long anticipated Gymkhana Grid final out of their Coventry location in the UK ahead of the series’ final showdown in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Dec 1, 2018.

This is the 2nd year running that Woodland Group are responsible for shipping the Gymkhana Grid cars across continents.

The event will follow the final round of the World Rallycross Championship, which is being held in Cape Town, South Africa, also delivered by Woodland Group.

“To deliver Gymkhana Grid across to South Africa, we are loading out of two locations; Coventry where we are loading around 8 tons of cargo and Rotterdam, where we are shifting around 4 tons. Everything is being moved by sea freight, with the journey taking roughly about 30 days in total.”, Paul Cimelli, Head of Motorsport Division, Woodland Group.

Watch here to learn more about the move and witness some of the action at our Coventry site (where some of the drivers may have got a little excited and decided to shred some tires ahead of the loading into the containers)



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