17 July 2023Article
Typhoon Talim approaching - office closure advisory

Typhoon Talim is approaching Hong Kong and China - offices have been closed, and trade and shipping stopped.

After strengthening into a Typhoon earlier today (Monday), Typhoon Talim is approaching Hong Kong and China and is set to increase in intensity to become ‘severe’ with winds stronger than 41.5 m/’s by the time it makes landfall.

Trade, flights, trains, ferries, and the wider supply chain have been impacted as people are being urged to stay at home with heavy rains of 250-280mm and violent waves of 6 to 9m expected.

As a result, our Woodland Hong Kong Office will be closed today with Woodlanders locally available via email.

We will keep you updated, and hope all those impacted stay safe. You can follow Typhoon Talim here.

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