22 April 2024Article
Woodland Group powers ahead green

Woodland Group is delighted to announce its largest solar installation to date at its 130,000 square foot facility in Doncaster, UK.

Woodland Group is delighted to announce its largest solar installation to date at its 130,000 square foot facility in Doncaster, UK.

This latest installation will provide over 60% of the site’s electricity and will be supplemented by a green electricity tariff. This, together with Woodland Group’s initiatives around efficient recycling, EV chargers, and sustainable modes of transport, make the Doncaster facility the flagship sustainable supply chain location of the Group, offering full warehousing, eCommerce, and distribution services as well as sustainable road and rail transportation across the UK and Europe.

Launched in close collaboration with Woodland Group’s customer Who Gives A Crap who shares the supply chain company’s drive and commitment to building innovative, sustainable solutions, the continued expansion of the Group’s green energy use is key in achieving its ambitious sustainability goals.

Andy Papps, Head of Corporate Services at Woodland Group, commented: “We are delighted to support Who Gives A Crap in helping to bring their renewable energy goals to life. This is a real milestone for us in ensuring we become a provider of choice for business with a strong sustainable agenda.”

Bernie Wiley, Director of Sustainability at Who Gives A Crap, said: “This is a huge win for us as it will essentially eliminate our emissions from electricity use in the UK, reducing our carbon footprint by 155 tonnes of CO2e emissions per year. The solar panels offer a long-term solution, eliminating emissions now and into the future. As we grow, our emissions won’t. Our short term aim is to have all warehouses globally powered by 100% renewables by the end of FY25.

Woodland Group’s latest investment into solar panels was carried out in parallel to introducing a solar panel installation at its Hayes facility, where over the last 6 months the Group installed more than 526 panels, contributing to 60% of its energy needs at the site. 155 tonnes of CO2e emissions are predicted to be saved per year, drastically reducing the large logistics company’s environmental footprint.

In line with the Group’s purpose to create opportunity and deliver sustainable supply chains, it continues to invest in and develop carbon-conscious solutions in the hope of assisting industry-wide transformation through effective collaboration. Woodland Group has set ambitious environmental goals (outlined in its sustainability report – the 2023 report is to be released later this month), paving the way towards a greener future in the supply chain industry. Among them, Woodland Group aims to switch to 100% renewable energy by 2030.

In addition to these initiatives, the supply chain company is now powering 100% of its data centres with renewable energy, making one of its most energy-consuming operations more environmentally sustainable.

At Woodland Group, we are committed to promoting sustainable practices in our daily operations, driving positive impact, and ensuring that all our stakeholders are onboard this journey with us.

Should you have any questions about our sustainability supply chain practices and services, have a look here or contact us to discuss your supply chain.

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