Leisure Marine Logistics

We kick it up a notch.

Dedicated Customer Service
Just-In-Time Solutions
Customs & Import/Export Support

At Woodland Group, we're proud to serve the fast-moving international leisure marine industry. We provide dedicated, just-in-time solutions, customs consultancy and warehousing which meet the huge variety of needs of the sector.

A variety of industry-leading customers worldwide trust us to provide innovative, flexible solutions and specialist knowledge in this fast-changing, global industry.

Our global network covers 150 countries across Asia, Europe, the Americas, Australasia and the Middle East. This includes the UK, China, Australia, Germany, UAE and Singapore, along with offices in major US cities.

We offer dedicated warehousing centers worldwide, delivering effective distribution and warehouse management through our dedicated fulfillment coordinators.

Here are just a few of the solutions we offer bespoke to the leisure marine sector:

Dedicated Customer Service Teams

Our dedicated customer service teams are with you all the way. Whether you want to discuss your current shipments, explore new leisure marine supply chain management options or sustainable leisure marine supply chain alternatives, get guidance on our online supply chain management platform and IT integrations, or contact our compliance specialists to plan ahead and give peace of mind, your needs are our priority.

Just-in-Time Solutions

Our dedicated Just-in-time (JIT) solutions deliver your goods to their destination at the precise moment they are needed, without excess inventory or storage.

Thanks to our extensive intermodal marine transport solutions and last-mile delivery optimization, and our specialist teams offering route optimization and advanced scheduling services, we help you improve efficiency, reduce costs, reduce inventory levels and improve overall responsiveness.

Customs & Import/Export Support

Our dedicated in-house customs teams across the globe support you with the correct tariff classification, customs duties and taxes, and import/export documentation. These include commercial invoices, packing lists, bill of lading/airway bills, certificates of origin, and any necessary permits or licenses to ensure you are compliant with regulations. This also streamlines processes and minimizes potential issues or delays.

Cargo Insurance

We have you covered. Lean on our cargo insurance teams to obtain full cargo value protection, minimize possible risk and know that your goods are in the safest of hands.

Woodland facilitates the entire cargo insurance process for your transportation business, and is an Introducer Appointed Representative of The Insurance Partnership Services Ltd. This is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority FRN 312916.

Fiscal Representation

Woodland offers fiscal representation to deliver seamless and compliant international trade. Non-resident importers or exporters rely on us to handle customs duties and compliance with import/export regulations as their fiscal representative.

By appointing us as your trusted fiscal representative, you can concentrate on growing your business internationally while we take care of the local tax, import, and export complexities on your behalf. If you are breaking into new markets, handling cross border tractions (cross trade) or looking for tax/regulatory advice to minimize risk and not overpay tax, we deliver.

As your fiscal representative, we will:

  • Handle all touchpoints with tax authorities
  • Deliver accurate, on time reporting
  • Pay all taxes in a timely, correct manner
  • Keep up to date with regulations, so you don’t have to

Leisure Marine Logistics FAQs

What is leisure marine?


The leisure marine industry refers to products that are associated with boating, yachting, and other water-based leisure pursuits, including sailing, powerboating, kayaking, canoeing, jet skiing, water skiing, wakeboarding, fishing, and cruising.

How is leisure marine cargo insurance calculated?


When calculating insurance the following risk factors are taken into account:

  • The value of the product or parts
  • The mode of marine transport: Is it sea, air,rail, or road?
  • Which countries is the product going to or from?

The above factors will determine the insurance cost. It is likely insurers will insist there is an inspection report before the goods are loaded and that the product is securely checked and strapped in the container. The insurer may also apply a deductible/excess to any potential claim.

What is the usual estimated time for leisure marine transport with Woodland?


How long it takes to deliver marine leisure goods depends on aspects like the distance, mode of transportation and customs procedures. Generally speaking, express deliveries using air freight can take between one to seven days depending on the locations involved. Ocean transportation takes between one to eight weeks depending on the locations, route, and customs procedures, whereas domestic transportation usually takes between one to seven days, depending on the distance and the transportation method used.

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