28 February 2024Article
EU Farmers Protests - Supply Chain Impact

Farmers protests are now a European-wide movement and minor supply chain implications are arising from it due to roadblocks.

Protests are now held by farmers across all of Europe, as farmers from various European countries join the movement that originally started in France a few weeks ago. It's been just over a month of protests against EU agricultural regulations, rising costs, and low profits.

From Spain to Poland, passing through Italy and Germany, farmers have taken to the streets, blocking access to main cities and key infrastructures such as ports, airports, and frontiers, disrupting the normal flow of vehicles.

The first supply chain consequences are already manifesting, with minor delays in deliveries of goods being observed. These disruptions are expected to persist, potentially leading suppliers to consider alternative routing and transportation modes to mitigate the impact on logistics operations.

While protests are ongoing, there is no end to the resulting impact on supply chains in sight. As a result, businesses operating within the affected regions may experience challenges in maintaining efficient supply chain operations and might need to adjust strategies accordingly.

We will continue to monitor the situation and work to minimise any supply chain impact for our clients. Should you have any questions, please reach out to us.

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