1 November 2023Article
Storm Ciaran approaches the UK - Planned Port Closures

As Storm Ciaran approaches the UK, a red weather warning has been issued across multiple locations in the country with wind damage and heavy rains expected over the next three days.

To prioritise safety, both the Port of Felixstowe and London Gateway will be closing.

  • Port of Felixstowe is closed from 23.59 on Wednesday (01/11/203) through to 00:01 hours on Friday 03/11/2023.
  • London Gateway is closed from 23.59 on Wednesday (01/11/2023) until 08:00 on 02/11/2023.

Slight delays and intermittent operations are expected between 08:00 through to 22:00.

We will continue to monitor the situation. Should you have any questions regarding your UK supply chain, please contact us here.

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