22 January 2024Article
Woodland Group Wins BIFA’s 2023 Ocean Services and Sustainability Awards

Woodland Group proudly receives recognition at the 2023 BIFA Awards, securing the Sustainable Logistics and Environment Award for its dedication to eco-friendly supply chain solutions and the Ocean Services Award for excellence in ocean freight.

The 2023 British International Freight Association (BIFA) Awards, hosted on 18th January 2024 at the Brewery in London, saw more than 550 supply chain specialists gather to celebrate exceptional industry achievements throughout 2023.

Across 11 award categories, independent supply chain company Woodland Group was awarded two of the coveted accolades, being recognised for its sustainable supply chain solutions with the newly launched Sustainable Logistics and Environment Award, as well as its Ocean freight solutions with the Ocean Services Award.

Woodland Group’s recognition in both categories saw the dynamic, privately owned company triumph over strong, global competitors such as DHL, World Cargo, Maersk, and Geodis. Being credited by the judging panel for its dedication to delivering tailored solutions across diverse industries and collaborating closely with clients, partners, suppliers and own teams across the globe, while staying true to its values of being easy to do business, honest, innovative, and consistently excellent at delivering leading industry expertise, marks a major milestone in Woodland Group’s journey to being the global supply chain partner of choice, delivering a flexible, innovative approach to creating opportunity and delivering sustainable supply chains.

BIFA Awards

Iain Rowlands, Director of Woodland Group, commented: “Our award submission is an endemic example of how Woodland Group approaches and solves the challenges that our clients and the industry expect us to answer daily across all modes of transport. We have been able to do this so effectively by constantly working to incrementally improve and diversify our service and product offerings. This can range from continually upskilling our already best in class team members, developing ever better digital tools and operating as sustainably as possible. The fact that we won both the “Ocean Services” and the “Sustainabe Logistics and Environment” Awards is a testament to this holistic approach and development.”

Sam Warren, Sustainability Manager for Woodland Group, added: “I’m incredibly proud that Woodland Group has won the Sustainable Logistics and Environment award, and that we managed to receive this accolade over some of the largest players in our industry. I count myself very lucky to work for a company that puts so much focus and commitment into our sustainability programme, and I feel privileged to know that the same programme can now be considered award winning. I’d like to thank my colleagues for their hard work and commitment to developing and continually improving the solutions we can offer to our customers, as well as the senior leadership team for their support and guidance.”

Special thanks to American Airlines Cargo, Port Express, and Philippa Gedge for the photos.

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