Food & Beverage Supply Chain Solutions

We deliver fresh solutions to produce seamless efficiency from farm to fork


Are you in the food and beverage industry and looking to optimize your food supply chain? Woodland Group is hear to help. We deliver a seamless, efficient global food transportation solution as part of our FMCG logistics service, tailored specifically to meet your needs. Say goodbye to operational hurdles and hello to enhanced productivity, cost savings, and customer satisfaction.

Offering tailored warehousing, transportation and custom solutions for ambient, chilled and frozen products, our dedicated food and beverage teams have the perfect food logistics recipe to meet your supply chain requirements, prioritizing product quality and safety throughout.

Woodland Group keeps service levels fresh, delivering solutions to ensure that businesses stay stocked throughout the UK, EU, USA, and beyond. Our warehouses in the UK are BRC Global Standard for Food Safety certified, delivering the highest quality, safety and responsibility standard.

Our teams are dedicated to providing efficient food and beverage transportation, customs movements, and warehousing services. While our comprehensive digital offering ensures transparency, efficiency, and quality at every stage, ensuring your products reach the market in record time.


Woodland Group is here to meet all of your demands when it comes to the transportation of meat products.

We understand your business needs, and the pressure that comes with moving these commodities and the timely nature of your deliveries.

We deliver:

  • Experienced teams who are fluent in customs, import and export procedures
  • A global food transportation network for excise goods
  • Dedicated account contacts offering you peace of mind and full services
  • Real time tracking of your shipments
  • A strong understanding of legislations around products of animal origin, documentation requirements and certification
  • Able to offer super-chassis


Woodland Group is here to streamline your fish transportation solutions, getting our skates on to keep your food supply chain moving.

We understand your business needs when it comes to moving fish products, to maintain supply we look to fully utilize trade lanes spanning Canada, Scotland and the Pacific Northwest.

We deliver:

  • Temperature controlled freight and trucking services
  • Full understanding of all required documentation and expert teams to guide you through any processes
  • Dedicated teams in the UK, USA and Asia
  • Fluent in all duty advice and import legislations and advice around how suppliers should handle cargo

Key Coverage:

  • Canada
  • Scotland
  • Pacific Northwest


We are the crème de la crème dairy distribution company.

Woodland Group Understands the specialist needs and the pressure that comes with moving dairy commodities across trade lanes spanning France, Asia, UK and the USA.

We deliver:

  • Customs and Import formalities: Strong understanding of legislations around products of animal origin, documentation requirements and certification
  • Dedicated teams with vast understanding of port health and DEFRA requirements
  • Competitive viable freight solutions
  • Continuous improvement in processes to support your requirements and meet your needs
  • Full online reporting, PO Management, stock control, real time tracking and analytics

Key Coverage:

  • France
  • Asia
  • USA
  • UK


Whether it’s ale, lager or stout, we ensure you don’t go without. We focus on crafting the right logistics solutions for your beer supply chain and understand the pressure that comes with moving brewed goods. Our dedicated beverage hubs in Chicago (USA), Peterborough (UK) and Rotterdam (EU) help to ensure supply across the globe.

We deliver:

  • Full spectrum of support for craft beer – hops, beer, kegs
  • End to end temperature-controlled operations
  • Service contracts with prime carriers, supported by a full network of dedicated trucks
  • Chilled and dry warehousing in the UK and Rotterdam
  • Fully excise bonded warehousing
  • Destination storage, pick, pack, re-palletizing, labeling services
  • End to end FMCG supply chain: B2B, B2C Distribution networks compliant for supermarkets, wholesalers and buyer hubs
  • Destination storage, pick, pack, re-palletizing and labeling services
  • Keg repatriation
  • Refrigerated consolidation services, delivering cost-effective solutions, reduced transit times and risk, and the opportunity to import from various shippers
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Speciality Foods

Peppers, tomatoes, pastries, condiments – if it goes into your fridge or pantry, we've got you covered. Woodland Group Is passionate about specialty foods- ambient, chilled or frozen, we appreciate the pressures involved with moving them from A to B.

We deliver:

  • Chilled, ambient and frozen warehousing solutions
  • Temperature controlled and ambient transportation of food
  • Full loads and part loads between UK and Europe
  • Shipping services
  • Dedicated teams for full support and guidance, committed to understanding your business needs.
  • Local collections and deliveries
  • End-to-end solutions from manufacturers all over the world
  • Full visibility through our online tracking facility, enabling easy reference to documentation of historical and current transactions
  • Dedicated freight and account management teams with the knowledge and expertise to deal with any queries
  • Flexible warehousing solutions to suit the clients’ fluctuating demands and offer dynamic solutions as unexpected scenarios arise
  • Tailored solutions for ocean, air and road movements
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Food Packaging

Woodland Group thinks outside the box to keep your food packaging moving.

We understand your needs and the pressure that comes with food packaging logistics.

We deliver:

  • Warehousing for long-term and short-term requirements
  • Inter depot line hauling
  • Distribution services
  • Full network of dedicated trucks for on time deliveries
  • Dedicated client services
  • Fulfillment services
  • Shipping services
  • Kitting, barcoding and returns management
  • End-to-end solutions from manufacturers to final mile deliveries all over the world.
  • Carbon footprint savings through our sustainable FMCG supply chain solutions
  • Dedicated account management on freight and warehouse services.
  • Dedicated fleet of trucks

Client Services

We are with you every step of the way, ensuring that you receive personalized solutions to meet your requirements.

Woodland Group’s dedicated, experienced teams focus on understanding your business and growth goals. Our teams are fluent in the required import procedures, trade agreements and customs, aided by our global network for excise goods.

Value Added Services

You are in good hands. For full peace of mind we offer:

  • PO Management
  • Trusted source of compliance: EMC registered, large movement Guarantee, CT-PAT and AEO approved
  • Refrigerated hubs, chilled and dry warehousing in the UK and Rotterdam
  • Own vehicles to supplement trucking capacity
  • Distribution network in the UK and the EU
  • Fiscal representation
  • Real time tracking
  • As part of our climate commitment and promise to create opportunity and deliver sustainable supply chains, we strive to do the right thing for our clients, our people, our communities and the wider world through our dedicated sustainable supply chain solutions and internal sustainability reporting

Industries We Serve

We have food delivery expertise in:

  • Wholesale, contract catering and HORECA channels
  • Ingredients sales for ready meals, pizza suppliers, food-to-go sectors and exports.
  • Retail, grocery NPD and own-brand marketing.
  • We go the extra mile for clients of all sizes. Whether you are a small fish operating locally or a killer whale in international seas, we are with you every step of the way.

Food & Beverage Logistics FAQs

What is the environmental impact of food transportation?


Woodland’s integrated software systems enable our clients to see carbon reporting on their food transportation. Frozen and chilled shipments are subject to higher carbon output due to the power required to maintain temperature levels through the journey. We work with Sustainable Supply Chain businesses to enable transparency and collaboration with our food clients.

Is the carbon footprint of food transportation high?


Essentially, the transportation of foodstuffs is no different to that of other cargo when the movement is ‘dry’/’ambient’. However, temperature controlled shipments (chilled or frozen) do increase the impact of carbon footprint because of the power required to maintain temperatures.

What is the usual estimated time for transportation of food and beverages with Woodland?


Point to point transit times will be subject to the specific lane. Our team will always look for the optimum pricing and routing, specific to the bespoke requirement in each case. We pride ourselves on swift processing of documentation and prompt collections and deliveries.

How do you transport frozen food?


We have a team of specialists in the movement of chilled and frozen foods (domestic and international). We have excellent relationships with the major shipping lines, with cold stores, and with road haulage specialists. Our Customs Teams work together with our operational teams to ensure all product compliances are covered.

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