Sports & Nutrition Distribution And Logistics

Looking to boost your sports and nutrition supply chain performance? We deliver, in every sense of the word.

Sports & Nutrition Customs
Sports & Nutrition Warehousing
Labelling Compliance Consultancy

At Woodland Group, we are proud to be working with some of the world’s most innovative sports and nutrition, supplement and fitness equipment start-ups as well as some of the fastest growing market leaders, as we continue to supply this growing industry globally.

From delivering to gyms across the globe and supporting the growing supply chain needs, to streamlining operations of some of America’s most influential sports nutrition companies, we deliver safe, sustainable and quality supply chain solutions. We have a worldwide network of offices offering global reach and local expertise to deliver fast, reliable and bespoke logistics, dedicated warehousing and fulfillment, customs, compliance, and national distribution solutions.

We Deliver:

  • Customs consultancy
  • Labeling compliance consultancy
  • Global transportation
  • National distribution
  • Warehousing
  • eCommerce
  • Fulfillment
  • Carbon reporting and sustainable supply chain solutions

We're the only freight forwarding company specializing in this sector. So if you would like to see how we could help you grow your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Sports & Nutrition Customs Consultancy

Are you looking to expand your business globally? Let our global in-house customs experts ensure your brand's compliance with international standards, deliver streamlined customs procedures through tailored solutions, mitigate possible risks, and give you open global market access to expand your customer base worldwide.

Sports & Nutrition Warehousing and Fulfillment

Our cutting-edge facilities offer unmatched and optimal storage conditions for your products. Supported by our digital platform and software integrations, we deliver efficient inventory management, real-time tracking enabling accurate stock management, efficient and scalable order fulfillment, and speedy international and national distribution to your customers.

Labeling Compliance Consultancy

Woodland Group's compliance experts deliver accurate and compliant nutrition labeling for your sports nutrition and equipment products, saving you time, resources, and headaches. Stay ahead of regulatory changes, streamline labeling processes, and tailor your labels to reflect your brand identity while adhering to strict compliance requirements. Our detailed reports and analytics provide invaluable insights to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.


Thanks to our bespoke-built online management portal, you can:

  • Efficiently handle incoming goods,
  • Monitor inventory levels,
  • Process orders,
  • Manage backorders,
  • Receive shipment confirmations,
  • Track packages,
  • Access shipping history,
  • Generate sales reports, and more, all in real time

National Distribution

We deliver seamless national distribution services that will help you maximize your market reach and grow your customer base. Our robust transportation fleet, global network, and optimized routes enable us to offer tailored solutions so we can deliver your products quickly, flexibly and reliably. Meanwhile, our advanced tracking system monitors the progress of your shipments in real-time.

Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions

We offer sustainable supply chain solutions, from carbon reporting of national and international transport chains, to greener warehousing, alternative transport solutions, and sustainable supply chain consultancy.

Lean on our sustainability experts to help you reach your carbon-reduction goals, and set up a sustainable sports supplier management system to ensure you stay ahead of sustainability regulation and build a business for the future.

Sports & Nutrition Logistics FAQs

What is sports and nutrition distribution?


Sports and nutrition distribution involves the supply and distribution of all sports-related goods and dietary supplements to different sectors within the sports industry. It includes the transportation of products from manufacturers or sports suppliers to retailers, wholesalers, gyms, sports facilities, and individual customers.

How can I expand my business with Woodland?


Woodland’s transportation solutions enable sports and nutrition businesses to fully capitalize on their resources. By helping them cut logistics costs, improve asset utilization and speed up deliveries, sports and nutritions businesses can turn their attention and resources towards expansion.

What is the usual estimated time for transport of sports and nutrition goods with Woodlands?


The estimated time for transporting sports and nutrition goods can vary depending on distance, mode of transportation, and customs procedures. Express deliveries using air freight can take between one to seven days depending on the pick-up and delivery location. Ocean freight can take between one to eight weeks depending on location, route, and customs procedures, while domestic transportation usually takes between one to seven days, depending on the distance and the transportation method used.

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