29 June 2023Case Study
Who Gives A Crap x Woodland

How Who Gives A Crap experienced 65% growth with no additional costs

Who Gives A Crap (WGAC) was founded in Australia on learning that around 2.4 billion people across the world do not have access to adequate toilet facilities. This lack of facilities means that almost 800 children die from diseases caused by poor water and sanitation per day.

With the help of crowdfunding, the founding team of Simon, Jehan and Danny launched WGAC in July 2012. To raise the necessary funds, Simon sat on a toilet in the middle of a warehouse and refused to move until they had enough pre-orders to start production. 50 hours later, they had achieved their fundraising goal. The first product was delivered in March 2013. Since then, they have donated 50% of all profits to charities to help provide everyone worldwide with access to sanitation and fresh water. WGAC recently donated the largest amount that Water Aid has ever received.

The Challenge

WGAC were looking for a supply chain partner with the same drive and innovative nature that would take a collaborative and integrated approach to reaching carbon reduction and sustainability goals, invest into digital tools and positive impact models, and streamline supply chain models effectively.

The Solution

Supply Chain Management

Global Transportation

Customs Consultancy

Sustainability Consultancy/Carbon Conscious Solutions

With the help of our bespoke-built systems and carbon-conscious solutions, we were able to both create transparency within and manage information on all of WGAC's transport chains into the UK and beyond, whilst simultaneously working towards the joint goal of reducing environmental impact across the supply chain.

One area we addressed was the reduction of plastic wrap that would normally be used to store pallets for which we found a much more environmentally friendly alternative for WGAC. In addition, each carton is now hand loaded, which not only reduces the amount of pallets that we send out, it also reduces the number of vehicles needed to ship those orders out in. When using pallets, around 468 cartons are able to fit in each truck. By removing the pallet and placing the cartons by hand, we can truck up to 1,000 cartons per vehicle.

We work closely with carriers to ensure that orders placed before 16:00 Monday to Friday are picked, processed and dispatched the same day. This could be anywhere from hundreds of orders to tens of thousands of orders per day! Our dedicated customer support team is on hand to provide reporting (both operational and carbon impact reporting). Regular meetings are had so we are always up to date on the latest information and requirements of the client, and can react to growth plans and vision in the agile way that is required to succeed.

The Result

  • 4% savings on UK domestic deliveries and over 18% on B2C international orders
  • 65% growth at no additional cost of resources

"We have been working with Woodland Group for almost 3 years. During that period, it has evolved from a supplier-customer relationship to a partnership, which is underlined by our mutual goals in the area of sustainability, cost efficiency and customer experience. Besides our strategic alignment, we are also very happy with the daily cooperation and positive attitude of the Woodland Group teams who do their best every day to help us serve our customers."

- Jan van Ballegooijen, Who Gives A Crap

We continue to collaborate on ways to reduce WGAC’s supply chain carbon footprint, not just by making changes to how we operate in the warehouse but by seeking new couriers who are carbon neutral or zero carbon.

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