20 September 2023Article
Great China - Europe Air Freight Rates Surge

Armenian-Azerbaijan airspace to be avoided as conflicts between the countries escalate. Euro-Asian routes are disrupted as a result and air freight rates have substantially increased.

Weeks of tensions building between Armenia and Azerbaijan have escalated significantly, seeing Azerbaijan unilaterally shutting down Armenian airspace. Surface-to-air missiles and artillery shelling have been reported as a result, undermining national and international security.

While the situation is yet to be acknowledged by the EU Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), aircraft operators have been advised to avoid Armenian and Azerbaijani airspace.

As a result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, most Asia-Europe flights have been routed south via Turkey and Azerbaijan rather than Russian airspace. Now, hundreds of civil Asia-European flights have been cancelled, or rerouted to longer and less fuel-efficient routes to avoid Azerbaijan.

Consequently, rates are surging, especially on Greater China - Europe routes. As the circumstances continue to evolve, potential delays and additional price increases are anticipated.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and provide updates. Should you have any questions regarding your global supply chain management or alternative transport and routing options, please reach out to us here.

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