3 April 2024Article
Woodland Group Joins Smart Freight Centre

Woodland Group joins Smart Freight Centre taking a further step in its sustainability journey.

At Woodland Group, we are committed to actively partaking in creating a sustainable future for our industry as well as our wider ecosystem, and we are proud to announce that we are now members of Smart Freight Centre (SFC).

This collaborative organisation brings together industry leaders committed to reducing the environmental impact of global freight. By actively participating in knowledge sharing, best practice implementation, and advocacy for impactful green solutions, Woodland joins hands with airlines, forwarders, shippers, and other stakeholders to drive progress towards zero-emission freight transportation.

This exciting partnership ensures our supply chain aligns with the industry's sustainability goals and contributes to a cleaner and more responsible future for global freight. As well as this, becoming a member of SFC means Woodland also gains access to carrier-specific emission factors, to bring our reporting up to a greater degree of accuracy.

Joining Smart Freight Center marks a further step in our sustainability journey and gives us more opportunities and means to further understand how to maximise carbon reduction of the industry and stakeholders within. It also reflects our commitment to raising awareness of the role and impact of the global shipping industry on carbon emissions, while empowering our clients to meet their sustainability goals.

We take our role in preparing our clients to be up to date on the latest government laws, regulations and taxes aimed at tackling climate change issues very seriously, and facilitate sustainable practices through our expert teams and tools to ensure they are compliant and drive positive impact.

As part of our Smart Freight Centre membership, we have now joined three key working groups: the Global Logistics Emission Council (GLEC), a global framework for companies and NGOs to calculate and report on logistics GHG emissions, the Clean Cargo program, and the Clean Air Transport program focusing on reducing emissions in ocean freight and air freight.

In line with our commitment to creating visibility and trackable reporting, our 2023 sustainability report will be released in the coming weeks, highlighting goals achieved, and identifying gaps and areas of improvement towards accomplishing our ESG agenda.

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