Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Build a Sustainable Supply Chain for a Better Future.


At Woodland, we are committed to adopting a responsible approach to our own, our stakeholders’ and our industry’s impact on the environment.

Our suite of solutions includes consultancy from our in-house team of sustainability specialists to help you keep track of your sustainability goals and achieve carbon reductions, use of our dedicated technology such as our integrated carbon calculator, and the option to neutralise carbon emissions via trusted and transparent carbon offsetting projects. If you want to learn more about our own sustainability commitments, please find our newly released 2023 sustainability report here.

What is Sustainable Supply Chain Management?

Sustainability in supply chain management refers to the integration of environmentally and socially responsible practices into the entire supply chain process, having considered the impact of supply chain activities on the environment, society, and the economy.

The goal of sustainable supply chain management is to minimize the negative environmental and social impacts associated with the production, transportation, and distribution of goods and services, while also maximizing economic efficiency and value creation to promote long-term sustainability, thus future-proofing the business. It encompasses environmental sustainability, social sustainability, and economic sustainability.

Ethical Supply Chain Management

Build an ethical supply chain, where the sourcing, production, and distribution of your goods prioritizes social and environmental responsibility.

As an

Gold accredited company, we can support you with sustainable supplier management, fair labour practices, transparency and traceability, and environmental sustainability. We believe in collaborating with our clients, partners, and communities for a better, sustainable future.

Environmental Impact

Monitor and measure your supply chain's environmental impact through our integrated Co2e carbon calculator, and gain comprehensive insights and data analysis to drive carbon reductions within your supply chain emissions. Make use of our green warehousing solutions which include solar panels, electric material handling, reduced plastic usage, and much more.

Fast-track your green transition with biofuel technology or alternatively powered final mile solutions, and reduce emissions without changing your operations.

Carbon Consulting

Work with our team of experts to identify ways to reduce your supply chain’s carbon footprint through smarter consolidation, alternative transport modes, integrated technology, and by streamlining the movement of your goods.

Featured Insights

Explore relevant industry insights, how-to guides, and examples of our collaborative approach to impactful solutions that deliver opportunities and sustainable growth for our clients in action.

Guide to Carbon Regulations

Across the globe, carbon regulations, policies and targets have been established to mitigate climate change.

2022 Sustainability Report

See our first ever sustainability report, transparently showcasing and outlining the progress that we are making and our future priorities in relation to our ESG targets.