13 February 2024Article
New York and New Jersey - Weather Advisory

A severe weather alert has been issued in the New York and New Jersey area, anticipating snowstorms with 5-8 inches of snow, and winds over 40 mph. Warehouse operations are temporarily impacted.

Severe weather is expected across Northeastern USA, with New York and New Jersey possibly experiencing the biggest snowstorm in 2 years. Authorities have issued a severe weather alert for the area starting from Tuesday morning with snowfall already having begun, impacting local transport.

Anticipated strong winds up to 40 mph are expected to be accompanied by heavy snowfall, bringing up to 12 inches of snow. As a consequence, normal operations and movements of goods will experience some delays, as airports and port terminals are temporarily closing. Similarly, today’s operations at our New Jersey warehouse are limited.

We will be closely monitoring the situation and minimize any impact to your supply chain management If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

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