1 February 2024Article
Delivering combined European consolidation solution to the UK and the USA!

Our enhanced 2024 Print and Publishing supply chain services are here. Enjoy faster transit times, lower costs, and reduced carbon impact.

Introducing our EU combined consolidation service to connect European Printers with UK and USA Publishers – improving transit time, increasing utilisation, lowering costs and reducing carbon footprint.

Following WBS joining Woodland Group, and in response to increasing demand, we have been able to combine our specialist Media EU and UK consolidation network with our market leading Trans-Atlantic services to offer more sustainable Road-Sea and Road-Air solutions to the UK and USA from Europe.

In an era marked by global shifts, political and economic challenges, and ever-evolving customs and shipping landscapes, effective supply chain management is pivotal for the print and publishing industry. Our combined expertise ensures that you can navigate these complexities with precision, delivering a streamlined and efficient and sustainable journey from source to destination. Elevate your EU Supply Chain options with WBS and the Woodland Group.

We Deliver:

  • Weekly European services from all major European print locations
  • Rail solutions across Europe and the UK for even lower carbon solutions
  • Instant carbon reporting and online supply chain management
  • In-house customs teams
  • Consolidation services from Europe to our US hubs, delivering shorter transit times than if you sourced from Asia
  • Expedited road-air solutions for onward distribution across the globe
  • Teams in Europe, the UK, and the USA
  • Express Road Transport

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