20 May 2023Article
Future-proof supply chains

Future-proof your supply chain, save cost, and carbon through sustainable supply chain solutions that meet regulations of tomorrow

Across the globe, quickly changing legislation around border controls, IT and security, and sustainability affect logistics and supply chain management.

Ensuring you and your suppliers are compliant with local and international laws is paramount to supply chain success.

We continue to invest into carbon-conscious solutions and in-house compliance experts around the world to support you through legislative changes, enabling you to be prepared and compliant, saving time, cost, and carbon.

Our Solutions:

Sustainability Compliance


The importance of sustainability compliance is growing, and changes in reporting standards, operations and accountability naturally follow. Woodland provides bespoke solutions to help your business navigate changing legislation.

Woodland Solutions:

  • From supply chain emissions reporting, to green warehousing, waste management and packaging, fleet management and alternative transport chains, Woodland offers a range of unique Carbon Conscious Solutions that support you in achieving your sustainability goals while improving the efficiency and reliability of your supply chain.
  • Woodland Online provides instant access to reports on your supply chain's environmental impact. Our free, integrated carbon calculator helps you track and reduce your emissions and meet changing regulations.

Customs Compliance


Efficient customs management facilitates not only the smooth movement of goods across borders, but also helps identify and manage correct tariff classifications and duty reliefs to optimise processes and reduce cost.

Woodland Solutions:

  • Dedicated customs compliance management teams - our in-house customs specialists across the globe identify and deliver major cost savings and performance improvements to your customs processes, ensuring that you do not overpay duty and are compliant with regulations
  • Express customs service

Woodland Online


Instant visibility and easy access to information across the entire supply chain allows to you and your business to be agile and makes managing processes and supply chain stakeholders simple. Woodland Online, our 360 digital supply chain management platform, is your one-stop management system providing instant visibility that facilitates early, and preventative measures to be taken to manage your supply chain effectively.

Woodland Online Solutions:

  • Online quoting and booking, tracking, reporting, Warehouse Management System (WMS) and supplier integration, stock, and PO management
  • 24/7 access and 360 visibility across the entire supply chain ecosystem
  • Access to over 1 million live quotes and preferential rates
  • Complete carbon reporting to ensure you can accurately track your emissions

Our specialist teams provide consultative support to streamline solutions and reduce cost, guiding clients through regulatory, political, and economic changes impacting supply chains. Being compliant and ensuring our clients meet the increasing number of regulations to move their goods across the globe safely and efficiently is a priority for us.

If you would like learn more about our supply chain capabilities and dedicated compliance solutions, please reach out below:

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