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Music Industry
Events & Festivals

Woodland Group provides comprehensive, professionally managed, bespoke logistics services to the music and entertainment industry.

Our specialist Woodland Entertainment team works exclusively with the music and film industries to handle and transport products around the world. The team works 24/7 to deliver bespoke shipping via air, sea and road for the entertainment industry and offers consolidation, splitting and documentation solutions.

We understand the unique demands of this sector and the vital importance of meeting production and launch date deadlines, so will always put you center stage.

Music Industry

We ship vinyl records and CDs worldwide for some of the largest record labels, as well as smaller independents based across the globe. Woodland can collect directly from pressing plants, from third party warehouses and from customers’ own addresses. Stock can also be delivered into our Woodland facilities in the UK, EU and USA.

Events & Festivals

We provide transport solutions to record fairs and music events such as in-store performances. From merchandise to infrastructure, including lighting and sound systems, we deliver seamless music logistic services to bring your events to life.


Woodland handles all required shipping documentation for our music customers and provides customs clearance and delivery services around the world. Our digital offering facilitates real-time tracking, offers instant reporting and access to all documents and third party supplier information in one.


We are the chosen supply chain partner to the vinyl industry, with decades’ experience moving records timely, carefully, and seamlessly. We deliver full supply chain solutions to some of the biggest players in the industry, as well as up and coming artists and labels.

From warehousing to transport, customs to sustainable supply chain planning, inventory management, distribution and reverse logistics services, Woodland keeps the vinyl industry moving.

Film Industry Logistics

As part of our entertainment supply chain services, we also provide film production logistics, enabling those in the industry to focus on their performances. From the delivery of trailers and set equipment, to props and cameras, we ensure there are no delays to the lights, camera, action.

Music Logistics FAQs

What is the importance of customer service in music logistics and supply chain management?


Good customer service in music logistics ensures customers receive on-time deliveries, transportation savings and peace of mind, while enabling them to focus on other aspects of their business.

How can I improve customer service in music logistics?


Some of the main ways music logistic service providers can improve their services include providing quick and thorough communication, timely solutions to any issues that arise and honesty at all times. Woodland Group offer all of this and so much more.

How does Woodland cater to the music and film industries?


Here at Woodland, our entertainment logistics team is well-versed in all of the technical needs of those in the music and film industries. Consequently, we’re able to work to their exact requirements, making our supply chain services seamless to all involved.

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