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Update - Unrest in South Africa

Following our recent advisory regarding the growing unrest in South Africa on the back of the arrest of former president Jacob Zuma, please find here an update on impact on supply chain movements:

  • Durban/KwaZulu Natal and Johannesburg/Gauteng are essentially shut down.
  • Durban ports, with the exception of Pier 1 and 2 which are semi-operational, remain shut due to lack of labour, all trucking has ceased and depots are closed.
    • Durban Container Terminal Pier 1 (DCT Pier 1)
    • Pier 1 operating with 2 gangs on the waterside. Rail and Landside are not operational. Appointments are available for 24 hrs but limited to 5 slots per hour.
    • Durban Container Terminal Pier 2 (DCT Pier 2)
    • Pier 2 operating with 2 gangs on the waterside. Rail is not operational. Landside is operational with limited resources.
  • TFR has declared force majeure and all coast to Gauteng rail corridors have been closed.
  • Port Elizabeth and Cape Town ports, depots and trucking remain fully operational

All office and the majority of other staff members are working from home and freight will only be moved if considered safe to do so. As a result, supply chains will be affected and freight delayed.

We will continue to monitor the situation and update you accordingly.

If you have any concerns about your shipments, please get in touch with your local Woodland representative or contact us here.

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