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Insight - What’s going on in the UK Domestic Haulage Market

Wondering what is going on in the UK domestic haulage market? See our 5-point summary below.

  1. The COVID-19-driven eCommerce spike resulted in an increased demand on space across the UK’s domestic delivery networks. This has affected the entire industry, from courier companies to pallet networks, through to national full load carriers.
  2. Over recent weeks the demand for vehicle space and availability has further increased, exasperated this week by the upcoming Bank Holiday in the UK/Ireland. 
  3. The lack of pallet movement supply has become severe, and the demand outweighs the capacity of our own fleet and that of subcontractors as we continue to meet required service levels and the needs of existing clients
  4. As a result, deliveries currently face up to 72-hours delay from availability through to final delivery.
  5. We are working on increasing delivery capacity, which includes the expansion of our fleet, however, the industry faces a number of issues at the moment which are hindering the implementation of immediate solutions:
    1. The well-publicised HGV driver shortage that has grown in severity as a result of:
      1. The return of some European drivers back to the continent post Brexit.
      2. IR35 legislation reducing the availability of agency drivers.
    2. The reluctance of some European hauliers to send vehicles into the UK who would normally be available for some domestic work, cabotage allowing.
    3. A lack of new vehicle availability or hire vehicle supply in the marketplace if drivers can be found to be available.

We will continue to drive for solutions to deliver your goods safely and on time. Please contact us should you have any immediate questions or concerns.

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