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How to import PPE from China

Your Top 5 Questions Answered: How to import PPE from China.

1. Will all export items require legal inspection?

Only medical commodities under the 11 HS codes below will be subject to inspection:

  • Surgical face masks
  • Medical protective clothing
  • Infrared thermometer
  • Respirator
  • Medical surgical caps
  • Surgery goggles
  • Surgery gloves
  • Medical shoe cover
  • Patient monitor
  • Medical disinfectant wipes 
  • Medical disinfectant

2. Medical masks are part of the number of goods requiring legal inspection. Do I need to apply for the usual electronic account ahead of the customs declaration?

Different from other legal inspection commodities in exporting, the newly added 11 categories of medical materials do not require an application for an electronic account to be made before exporting.

3. When exporting surgical masks, what documents should be submitted for the customs declaration?

According to the classified catalogue of medical devices (notice of China food and drug administration no. 104 in 2017), surgical masks belong to category ii. At the time of declaration, the registration certificate of medical devices and declaration of export of medical materials needs to be provided.

4. The masks to be exported are for medical use: Not for medical institutions but for business employees or consumers. Can they be declared as "non-medical"?

No, surgical masks are defined by the nature of the product, not its end use. Please be thorough when checking the medical standards of the masks at source to avoid a declaration error. 

5. When exporting masks, which foreign entry requirements should you pay attention to?

Different countries have different requirements on imported masks. For example, the United States requires FDA registration for imported medical masks, while the European Union requires CE certification for imported non-medical masks.

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