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Global Airfreight Capacity - IMPACT AND SOLUTIONS

Early this year, we reported on the impact on air freight capacity to/from Asia as airlines across the globe reduced or cancelled passenger, and later cargo, aircrafts in response to the Coronavirus spreading across China and Hong Kong.

Now known as COVID-19, the virus has since spread across 200 countries and territories globally and has seen air freight capacity continue to decline across the world.

Counteracting the reduction in global passenger flights, which has increased pressure on rates, freighter capacity between Europe and the US, and outbound from China has grown to replace some of the lost capacity.

In this quickly changing landscape, our dedicated airfreight teams across the globe continue to find solutions to support you, delivering:

  • Daily transatlantic freighter capacity east and westbound with established block space
  • European land bridge solutions via London to achieve competitive consolidation rates into Australia
  • ​Operations and service teams at key USA locations, U.K. and Hong Kong
  • ​More than 30 years’ experience as a leading independent airfreight specialist
  • A global network for charter, part-charter and emergency cargo movements


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