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EU movement of goods

Trucks are facing delays to move goods from the UK into the EU, and are oftentimes held up for several days.

This is in part due to incorrect or incomplete customs paperwork, and in part due to drivers not having the Covid-19 test necessary to get into France. UK carriers are struggling to ship to Ireland and the EU for the aforementioned reasons in addition to a lack of international equipment, resulting in reduced services. 

Meanwhile, several European logistics companies have joined the parcel network in reducing or suspending deliveries to the UK to manage increased pressure on transit and turnaround times as a result of the new customs processes.

Ireland is facing significant challenges at local ports as goods are subject to checks for the first time since the EU single market opened in 1992. This is despite the volume of shipments having decreased and being significantly lower than in years prior as customers wait for the industry to adjust. Customs declarations are expected to surge from about one million to 20 million this year still, which will put additional pressure on the new process implementation. (Source: The Irish Times).

As importers, exporters and the rest of the industry adjust to these new processes and regulations, the above-mentioned impact is expected to lessen, and smoother operations will return.

Help us help you

As per our advisory last week, it is absolutely vital we receive the correct commercial shipment documentation at the time of booking. Due to the industry-wide paperwork issues, European Hauliers will now not accept bookings without proof of the correct documentation.

Due to the current lack of capacity, please contact us well in advance to organise shipments to minimise any potential delays.

Our teams will continue to work with you on finding the best solutions to keep your supply chain moving. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Woodland Group account manager or email us here.

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