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BREXIT FOLLOW-UP - Customs Advisory

Various easements such as the deferred entry scheme and minimal paperwork checks on imports were introduced last year by the UK government to try and prevent any serious delays at the UK’s borders in 2021.

While it certainly helped ease cross-border movements into the UK, it also resulted in some carriers being able to bring goods into the UK and deliver them without import customs formalities being completed.

HMRC have now released guidance on how they will address non-compliance, stating:

  • It is not legally possible for the importer (or the person dealing with customs matters for them) to put matters right by submitting a retrospective customs declaration. But in order to satisfy their obligation to pay any outstanding liabilities a declaration should be submitted as soon as possible.
  • HMRC will charge penalties for repeat offenders but will be allowed to use discretion on a case-by-case basis, so it may be that traders that identify they have received uncleared goods and subsequently submit a belated customs declaration are deemed to have tried to rectify rather than hide the problem.

With HMRC relying heavily on an audit-based approach to compliance, it is important you act now if you have received goods from the EU that have not had the relevant customs formalities completed.

You have identified uncleared goods from the EU – How do you now arrange a customs declaration?

Our growing dedicated EU customs team may be able to help.

For import enquiries, please contact us here, to discuss exports, please contact us here.

You don’t have any uncleared goods from the EU but you do need help with customs clearances in general.

We are more than happy to help. Get in touch via the above email address and we can provide our pricing and expertise. We also deliver full customs consultancy services that can help ensure you are fully compliant and paying the right amount of Duty and VAT.

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