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We’re delighted to announce that Woodland Group has been shortlisted for the Environment Award by the UK Warehousing Association (UKWA). This recognition will be awarded to the company that best demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and the most successful application of energy efficient processes aimed at cost savings and/or carbon reduction.

We are proud to have reached this milestone together and will continue to push forward to create opportunity and deliver sustainable supply chains.

We focus on delivering client promises and sustainable growth, guiding clients through regulatory changes such as mandatory carbon reporting, the transport decarbonisation plan, the Road to Net Zero and Tax Implications such as the Plastic Packaging and Carbon Tax. We’re also committed to our own sustainability strategy, taking accountability, and growing awareness internally to reduce carbon and producing a roadmap to meet SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

We deliver solutions that enable clients and our people to create businesses which adapt to changing needs, reduce impact to preserve finite resources and provide opportunity for sustainable future development for all.

Woodland’s sustainability efforts over the last year include:

  • Investment into obtaining the ISO14001 accreditation
  • Successful implementation of an Environmental Management System
  • Developing a renewable energy infrastructure when building new facilities
  • Running and developing a carbon optimisation programme for their owned fleet and collaborating with clients to create new, carbon conscious transport alternatives such as rail:
    - Launching a new rail service connected directly to one of their fulfilment hubs, taking more than 1,000 vehicles off the road, to reduce the carbon footprint of clients’ transport chains by more than 60%
  • Successfully completed full corporate carbon reporting for 2020 and 2021 (scope 1, 2 and 3)
  • Launched a new recycling scheme across the UK facilities to better manage waste and reduce impact
  • Reduced energy consumption through new light installations with motion sensors and LED across facilities/warehouses
  • Launched electric car charging across all facilities and electric staff car scheme
  • Removed Gas and Diesel Material handling from all warehouses and converted to li-ion MHE
  • Trialled CNG and invested into alternative fuel trials for its fleet
  • Partnered with a data centre for all data touch points across all hubs that is powered 100% by renewable energy
  • Submitted their Ecovadis (sustainability framework and sustainable supplier management) accreditation
  • Completed a Woodland Materiality Assessment
  • Launched its journey to being accredited by a sustainability framework(s) such as the SBTi
  • Developed in-house training on sustainability and the Group’s vision and role in achieving global reduction of emissions
  • Employed a Sustainability Manager
  • Launched and successfully applied its carbon calculator, offering emissions reporting of global transport chains and carbon reduction solutions to clients
  • Developed green distribution centres as options (powered by renewable energy)

Our warehousing and fulfilment clients in particular have been a driving force in using our carbon tools and encouraging us in further developing solutions that will drive down emissions of all touchpoints of the fulfilment value chain.

As such, our free carbon calculator tool has delivered detailed intermodal transport chain emissions reports spanning any timeline for hundreds of shipments, as well as giving insight into carbon output of warehousing equipment and energy.

Working closely with our key fulfilment clients, we have been able to advise them on different transport methods to the warehouse improving efficiency and removing over 82% of emissions in their inbound supply chain.

Woodland made the decision to introduce Li-ion forklifts and, following an assessment of its carbon reduction capabilities showing a reduction of more than 940 tonnes of carbon per facility per annum, will roll them out across all fulfilment hubs.

Thanks to our Doncaster facility’s strategic location next to iPort rail, Woodland Group initiated a new rail route for our local clientbase, reworking the transport chain to use rail to make substantial carbon reduction savings, improving reliability of trucking and resulting in large demurrage reductions compared to the previous year. Across 1218 FEU’s moved by Woodland Group, our clients inland carbon footprint was reduced by 378 tonnes of carbon, 5.24 times less than if all containers were moved by road.


If you want to learn more about our carbon-conscious supply chain solutions and/or fulfilment offering, contact us here:

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