2 February 2024Article
Los Angeles Severe Weather Alert - Port Operations Impacted

Heavy rainfall is hitting South California, and a flood risk alert has been issued by the authorities. Port operations are impacted as part of the motorway leading to main Californian ports is closed due to the weather.

Southern California and L.A. County in particular are experiencing significant rainfall, which began on Wednesday evening and is continuing to intensify. Many streets and freeways are flooded and have been closed. Amongst them is the 710 Freeway, a major trucking route to and from the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, which is temporarily closed, impacting port operations.

A flood alert has been issued by the National Weather Service in Los Angeles County, and heavy rains are obstructing roadways leading to the ports, affecting truck traffic and container movement, with possible damage to critical infrastructure like bridges, rail lines, and warehouses around the ports expected.

While the ports remain operational for now, heavy rain and strong winds may pose safety risks and potentially lead to temporary closures of terminals or restrictions on activities. Minor delays due to loading and unloading disruptions are expected to impact local supply chain operations.

The weather conditions are expected to continue over the entire weekend, and may lead to further disruption in container movement.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates. Should you have any questions about your supply chain, please contact us here.

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