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Woodland Group Gain ISO14001 Accreditation

Woodland Group achieve ISO14004 environmental accreditation

In support of our ongoing development of carbon-conscious initiatives, Woodland Group has successfully obtained the ISO14001 certification across our 3 largest office and warehouse locations in Coventry, Chelmsford, and Doncaster, UK.
ISO14001 provides a measuring and reporting framework for a business’ environmental performance to assist in managing environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner.

Our ISO14001 certification further supports the work we’re doing in setting environmental objectives that will make a positive impact, fulfil compliance obligations, and enhance our own environmental performance and solutions through further development of carbon-conscious initiatives that present viable and sustainable supply chain management solutions to our clients.

We believe in holding ourselves accountable to be able to effectively assist our clients in building sustainable supply chains - the next year will see us further build on our EMS to include all locations globally, assess and manage suppliers accordingly and set our carbon reduction targets across Woodland Group locations.

For more information, please contact us here, and join the conversation here. 

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