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Woodland Group Commits to Net Zero by 2050

We are proud to announce that Woodland Group has made a commitment to align with the "2050 Race to Net-Zero" targets

To achieve this, we have set a goal of a 90% reduction in emissions by 2050 compared to our 2021 baseline year. We are also pleased to say that Woodland Group has already taken its first steps towards reducing emissions and has cut 5,789.63 metric tonnes of CO2e from its operations in 2022.

To achieve our ambitious net-zero target, Woodland Group has created a top-level roadmap of the projects and targets we are committing to internally to cut emissions from our operations alongside the changes we expect in the industry. The roadmap outlines the need for engagement across the Group, as well as its network of third-party carriers. This is a working document. We plan to embrace and adopt new technologies and low carbon fuels as they become available, and will continue to review, reassess, and where appropriate, add further goals to this roadmap in the coming years.

“Woodland has been a long-standing advocate of sustainable supply chains and processes. With help of our carbon calculator, we have been providing visibility and awareness of transport chain emissions to our customers for the last few years. In addition, our digital services such as our supply chain management platform Woodland Online provides full visibility of the entire supply chain, allowing customers to be proactive in governing their supply chain choices and stakeholders online. I’m very pleased to be sharing this commitment publicly which backs the ongoing work we have been undertaking to cut our own carbon emissions across the Group, whilst also providing transparency and consultancy to our customers to be able to take action themselves.”, Sam Warren, Sustainability Manager at Woodland Group, commented.

The logistics and transport industry is under increasing pressure to limit carbon emissions, and Woodland Group understands the importance of being ahead of the curve on this important matter. We believe that taking action to reduce emissions not only helps to protect the environment but also aligns our own ambitions with those of our customers, suppliers, internal stakeholders, and the positive change we want to see in society to tackle this critical issue.

“Woodland Group was founded on a people-focussed approach and has since seen significant growth as a result of our Woodlanders embracing change, driving innovation, facilitating awareness, opportunity and development for our entire ecosystem and having a collective sense of responsibility. We believe in doing the right thing by our people, our environment, and the wider communities and I’m genuinely thrilled to see the sustainable and forward-thinking developments we’ve made over recent years and the commitment by all to continue on this journey. Our Net-Zero target is just one of the commitments to a sustainable future we’ve made as a Group, and I look forward to seeing us reach our targets and initiate positive change as we collaborate with industry stakeholders and our communities to do our part in reducing the sector’s carbon impact., Kevin Stevens, Chairman & CEO of Woodland Group, added.

Woodland Group is proud to be taking a positive step towards a more sustainable future and is committed to sharing its progress with the public. A full Net-Zero Strategy document is already underway and will be released later this year. Stay tuned for more updates on Woodland’s journey towards net zero by joining our mailing list here.

If you would like to learn more about our sustainability commitments and KPIs, or learn how we can support yours, please reach out to our Green Team below

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