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Super Typhoon Chanthu impacts China ports

As Typhoon Chanthu approaches China’s coast, flight and train services in Shanghai and neighbouring regions have been cancelled and emergency responses raised.

Update 16th September: Shanghai port resumed operations from yesterday. Heavy congestion is leading to slow movement of containers and delays.

The storm, having been downgraded from a super typhoon to a strong typhoon on Sunday evening, will bring strong winds, heavy rains and expected flooding to affected regions. 

China’s second-biggest container port Ningbo suspended its operations on Sunday at noon (04:00 GMT) in response to the impending typhoon. The terminal will remain closed with no departures scheduled until after the typhoon has passed with many local staff working from home.

As of 14 September, both Ningbo and Shanghai ports are closed. 

  • Some carriers are not on duty or only on shift duty
  • No trucking is currently running to/from the port
  • Empty picking is not available until further notice  

While some terminals may reopen later today, the impact will be longer lasting with terminals/yard congested, vessel delays and potential port omissions and cargo will have to be examined as to possible damage from the rain.

The above will result in vessel/shipment delays, further exacerbating Asia supply chain pressures with ports only just having resumed business after port congestion following typhoon In-Fa in late July and a COVID-19-related terminal closure in mid-August.

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