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As COVID-19 is rapidly spreading across the globe, Woodland Group is carefully
monitoring the evolving situation and remains committed to servicing your logistics needs efficiently and economically.


While adhering to government guidelines, increasing hygiene protocol and restricting all personal travel, our Woodland Media teams across the UK, USA and Hong Kong have been busy finding solutions to continue to deliver your supply chain solutions in a quickly changing market in these unprecedented times.


We know you may be concerned about the potential impact COVID-19 may have on your shipments, such as:


  1. Airfreight capacity and small parcel shipments

  2. Supply-Chain delays for your books

  3. Shipping Line capacity restrictions

  4. Customs Clearance delays

  5. Quick Pricing and forward planning for your forthcoming new titles

  6. Warehousing and distribution concerns at origin (e.g. ASIA) or destination (e.g.UK/USA)

  7. Difficulty in getting European deliveries through to door


We are dedicated to finding agile solutions for you in these unprecedented times.




  1. Affordable express ocean services for any sized shipments with port to port transit
    times from 8 days!

  2. Advice and workable solutions for your upcoming shipments

  3. Up to date information and strong relationships with all the major carriers resulting in
    space assurance

  4. A dedicated, fully staffed in-house customs team to support and process your imports

  5. Our dedicated customer service team to support you on your existing and new trade lanes
  1. Fully operational and expertly staffed warehouses & distribution services to count on across the globe
  1. Network of offices and partners to fulfil European deliveries. We are dedicated to finding agile solutions for you in these unprecedented times.

As always, our media teams in the US, UK and Hong Kong are available via email and their phones to answer any questions and offer personalised support to suit your business. 



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