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Carbon Consciousness Part 1: Warehousing

Woodland reduces warehouse plastic usage by more than 5 tonnes

As a logistics business unloading containers and wrapping pallets for delivery all day every day, our largest UK warehouse locations in Chelmsford and Coventry used a total of 13 tonnes of shrink wrap a year, which in reality was disposed of when the product arrived at our clients’ destinations

Conscious of the impact the industry undeniably has on the environment, at Woodland, we invest into reducing our environmental footprint, improving our carbon monitoring and reporting systems, and facilitating opportunities to choose more sustainable transport and warehousing solutions. 

We have been working on finding a more sustainable shrink wrap solution and sourced a new wrap driven by the latest advances in polymer technology, specifically how they are used to make machine wrap. 

This technology allows us to wrap our pallets to the same high specification, giving them the same support while using considerably less wrap, saving 30% of plastic wrap every year at each location -  4 tonnes less plastic a year across our Chelmsford and Coventry locations alone!

In addition, we’ve invested into a new hand wrap system which reduces wastage while increasing tension for better protection, resulting in another 1.5 tonnes of plastic saved a year - while providing even better service to our customers!

We’re in the process of rolling out this solution across all Woodland locations around the globe - if you’d like to find out more about Woodland’s carbon conscious solutions, please contact us here.  

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