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European Trading. Solutions to consider.

Are you currently trading with Europe and unsure about the future?

Research by the Institute of Directors shows that one in two business leaders feel unprepared and that 42% of those asked feel disheartened.

We have seen a growing trend in businesses considering the US as an alternative for sourcing and have gathered our industry experts to provide a valuable and fresh approach to changing supply chain demands.

Through Woodland’s 30 years’ experience operating imports, exports and trade consulting services via our Woodland offices and infrastructure in both the UK & USA, we provide secure and hassle-free trans-Atlantic supply chain solutions that provide our clients with easy to use shipping and sourcing channels.

The USA provides a very real alternative to global sourcing and continued growth potential and we are here to share our experience and capability in partnering hundreds of companies in this market.

From fulfilment and national distribution coverage across both the USA and the UK to product or supplier sourcing support with duty advice, Woodland provides full support services across the USA and UK to offer alternative opportunities to consider.

Did you know..


Door to door delivery from 3 days, whether weekday or weekend!


Door to door delivery from the USA - UK from 16 days*

We are one of the leading independent forwarders within the transatlantic trade and have wide-spread space guarantees on major scheduled carriers.

Worried about barriers to entry?

We have expert teams in both the USA and the UK specifically sourcing post-Brexit opportunities and offer expert customs brokerage and trade consulting services in both UK + USA through our local offices.

Concerned about currency risk?

Let us help you.

Our UK/USA trade team can discuss various options.


Explore our real time pricing and routing options at the click of a button

or contact us about a trial shipment here.


*pending sailing schedules based on location

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