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Global Distribution
Global Customs Consultancy
Extensive Warehousing & Fulfilment

As the supply chain partner of choice to the print and publishing industry, we deliver trackable, 360 supply chain solutions to the world’s printers, packagers, publishers, wholesalers, and distributors.

Part of our foundational pillars, our expert teams in Woodland locations across the globe have been serving the print and publishing industry for 30+ years. During that time, they have provided global distribution, customs, fulfilment, and sustainable transport solutions from print origins such as Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Dubai, Italy, Spain, Turkey, and India. We are proud to be known as the most efficient and cost-effective supplier providing transatlantic stock transfers, including increased visibility to ISBN level.

Our dedicated media and publishing team in Hong Kong delivers expert solutions as a gateway to and from Asia. While teams across the UK, Ireland, USA, mainland Europe, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand offer dedicated fulfilment, customs, and distribution solutions to meet the quickly evolving needs of the industry. Our unique offering is facilitated through our owned global hubs in key publishing locations, aided by our recent strategic acquisition of the UK’s number one exporter of books, and our dedicated, market-leading book partners across the globe.

Woodland's experience in successfully managing the bespoke, critical path from bound book date to publication date is supported by our development of bespoke digital solutions. These deliver instant quoting, booking, tracking, reporting and full visibility of the entire supply chain ecosystem, including emissions reporting of all transport chains. This has enabled us to work with our clients and industry associations on developing supply chain solutions that reduce journeys, cost, and carbon.

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Global Distribution

Thanks to our own fleet and dedicated global distribution system, we deliver:

  • Weekly AIR/SEA import and export services to and from consolidation points in the USA
  • Principal export and import services to and from destinations in Western, Central, and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Greece, Russia, Scandinavia, Ukraine
  • Dedicated weekly transatlantic LCL and FCL services in both directions
  • Express services to Germany, France, and Sweden
  • Dedicated airfreight solutions to meet the demands of the print and publishing industry: both import and export to airport or directly to door across the globe
  • Weekly ocean services from China, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia to the UK, USA & Canada, Europe, Australasia, South America and Africa
  • Weekly ocean consolidation services from the UK to all the major markets such as the USA, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China
  • Preferential rates on our main routes covering the USA, UK, Singapore, South Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, New Zealand
  • Consolidation within our facilities to ensure the most cost-effective solution to our clients, collecting shipments from the UK, USA, and Europe
  • European road services offering weekly departures from and to the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and Turkey
  • Direct access and procurement with airlines to ensure not only the best pricing, but also the best service solution available
  • Express services

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Global Customs Consultancy

  • Global customs consultancy and clearance through our expert teams as well as ETSF facilities for import customs clearances into the EU
  • Freight security service carried out in house to ensure freight integrity and minimum touch points once despatched
  • Compliance experts that are aware of existing and upcoming legislation to help you stay ahead of any changes
  • Dedicated print and publishing experts advising on tariff classifications and duty minimisation for your books and journals

Extensive Warehousing & Fulfilment

Our forward-thinking fulfilment offering dedicated to printers/publishers and distributors/sellers alike delivers:

  • Export consolidation programmes across the USA, UK, Asia, and beyond
  • Ability to merge B2B and B2C in our facilities worldwide, reducing handling, cost, and carbon footprint in the supply chain as a result
  • Clearance and documentation processes specific to the industry
  • 1M+ dedicated warehouse space across the UK, USA, and Europe
  • National and international direct mailing service
  • Best in class domestic and other global postage solutions
  • Sustainable packaging advice and bespoke supply service dedicated to the publishing industry
  • Hand-finished and automated packing services
  • eCommerce integration with all major shopping carts and online retailers
  • Management of files from single units to 40,000+ subscription orders
  • Receipt and processing of files on a state of the art, owned and developed WMS
  • Real-time stock reporting, synergising stock with other services, online portals
  • Sorting and labelling
  • Special packaging
  • Designing, printing, and assembling of mailing inserts
  • Assembling, such as price, barcode labelling, shrink-wrapping, adding sleeves and labelling
  • Global returns management solutions
  • Carbon-conscious fulfilment and distribution alternatives
  • Green warehousing options powered by renewable energy and entirely packaging-free
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As the chosen partner to the print and publishing industry for more than three decades, we have built bespoke technology and software to support the demands of our clients in this sector.

  • Digital supply chain management platform for easy and instant access to your entire supply chain ecosystem
  • In house developed, market-leading IT solution with live information, quick reporting function and instant access to commercial invoices and documentation
  • Bespoke tracking system to trace by title / ISBN
  • Bespoke export book software enabling customers to be agile in their decision-making and track from print to end customer globally
  • Import system to check in at book/PO level before using consolidation services across EU to improve reliability, distribute costs and improve efficiency
  • Bespoke-built WMS
  • Advanced carbon calculator to view, report, and reduce your carbon impact

Sustainable Transport Solutions

Our sustainability experts support the print and publishing industry in future-proofing processes and proactively meeting carbon reduction goals.

As a result of our ongoing investment into carbon-conscious solutions, we were invited to participate in the UK’s Publishers Association’s Sustainability Taskforce to provide industry expertise and a dedicated network to support the Association’s members in providing sustainable transportation solutions.

This includes:

  • Detailed carbon reporting and reduction of global transport chains
  • Alternative transport routes and options such as dedicated rail solutions to cut carbon
  • Sustainable transport solutions to meet the industry's sustainability goals
  • Compliance consultancy and sustainable supplier management
  • Green warehousing

Print & Publishing FAQs

What does publishing distribution include?


Publishing distribution includes everything from the packaging and assembling of published works, to the delivery and tracking of it. Woodland Group can handle each stage on your behalf, giving your business peace of mind:

  • Receiving
  • Warehousing
  • Web integration/interface
  • Pick and Pack
  • Repacking/stickering
  • International logistics
  • Storage
  • Customs clearance
  • Inventory management
  • Order fulfilment
  • Invoicing and collecting monies
  • Delivery to clients
  • Meta Data management

Depending on the distribution agreement, the actual sales to the markets specified in those agreements.

Can Woodland really reduce journeys, cost, and carbon with their deliveries?


Absolutely. Our extensive warehousing and dedicated fulfilment solutions hugely speed up transits and cost by working closely with publishers on strategic planning. This includes consolidation at origin, consolidation at destination to main distribution centres, alternative rail solutions and fastest railing routes as well as container optimisation.

Through strategies like detailed carbon reporting, alternative transport routes, use of clean fuel and recycled plastic, electric forklifts and green warehousing, we can massively reduce the environmental impact of publishing supply chains. We understand the value of filling backorders and can consult on the most efficient solutions to deliver books where they need to be, when they need to be at the lowest per unit cost. This includes both manufacturing origins and distribution centres.

How can I expand my print and publishing business with Woodland?


Woodland’s transportation solutions enable print and publishing businesses to make the most of their resources. By helping our clients reduce logistics costs, boost asset utilisation and speed up deliveries, print and publishing businesses can divert their attention and resources towards expansion. Access our global network and advanced IT solutions, decades’ experience and association memberships to benefit from the most efficient and cost-effective industry solutions globally.

Woodland has proven that we can improve publisher sales through a series of innovative programs, including our competitive air freight program. We take the risk out of the publishing supply chain.

What are the duties on lined journals in the USA?


The import duty on lined journals in the USA varies depending on their classification under the Harmonised System (HS) codes. Categories for journals vary based on cover material, size, and intended use. To determine the exact duty rate for a specific lined journal, please contact our dedicated US customs team here. Depending on the size and type of journal as well as country of origin, there may be anti-dumping & countervailing duties.

What Books are Subject to US Customs Duty?


Under the Harmonised Tariff Schedule (HTS) of the United States, books are generally eligible for duty-free entry into the USA. The HTS code for books is 4901.99.00, which covers printed books, brochures, leaflets, and similar printed matter, advertising material, bound magazines or periodicals or children’s picture, drawing or colouring books may also be duty free. The variant would be if items are made in China, then all but the children’s picture, drawing or colouring books would be subject to a China additional tax of 7.5%.

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