Air Freight

We deliver air freight excellence: choose speed, security, and first class service for easy and hassle-frree deliveries.

Airport to Airport
Daily, Customisable Routing

Woodland Group is a leading, independent provider of international airfreight services.

Through our offices across the UK, USA, Ireland, mainland Europe, and Hong Kong, and a range of network partners, we provide global airfreight coverage and industry-specific air solutions. As one of the top IATA, FIATA and BIFA freight agents by carrier market share, we have high priority relationships with our airline partners, giving you peace of mind and guaranteed capacity.

We are an approved CAA agent in the UK with our own X-ray, metal detection & Explosive Trace Device (ETD) machines. In the USA, we are an approved TSA CCSF operator with our own screening capabilities and existing relationship with K-9 teams while our Hong Kong operation is the gateway for airfreight leaving or arriving into Southern China.

Airport to Airport and Door to Door Services

We understand the importance of timely delivery, and will ensure your cargo arrives on schedule, every time. From urgent documents and valuable goods to bulk shipments and just-in-time deliveries, Woodland handles it all with speed and precision. We offer reliable airport to airport shipments, temporary warehousing, or seamless door-to-door air freight solutions.

Charters, Part-Charters & Express Cargo

Our dedicated airfreight teams offer Express Cargo options for your time-sensitive shipments that require expedited delivery. Benefit from quick transit times, dedicated handling, and specialised services to ensure prompt delivery. If you have a large volume of cargo or have specialist requirements, want absolute flexibility in terms of scheduling, routing, and cargo handling, and control over the entire transportation process, our tailormade charter or part-charter solutions are your answer.

Daily, Customisable Routing Options

Multiple daily East- and Westbound trans-Atlantic flights and customisable routing options are the foundation of our airfreight services. We offer daily and weekly routes seven days a week with our own X-ray, metal detection & Explosive Trace Device (ETD) machines, existing relationship with K-9 teams and a dedicated gateway for airfreight leaving or arriving into Southern China. Benefit from reduced cost and optimised transit times, and use our integrated carbon calculator tool now to compare the emissions impact of different routing options.

Cross-Border eCommerce

Specifically designed to cater to the growing demands of eCommerce, our cross-border eCommerce airfreight solutions include optimised routing, customs clearance, and last-mile delivery to end customers.

Customs Solutions

Woodland’s dedicated customs teams work hand-in-hand with our air freight teams to speed up processes and manage customs procedures.

Crating, Packaging & Labelling Services

Through our airport hubs, local facilities, and experienced teams, we offer crating, packaging and labelling services. We can also provide temporary warehousing, prepare your cargo for safe, compliant, and trackable air transportation, protect it from damage, and ensure you comply with relevant regulations and industry standards.

Woodland Online

Our digital supply chain platform, Woodland Online, delivers peace of mind and agile supply chain platform, offering instant quote comparisons, bookings, emissions reporting and full tracking of each airfreight shipment.

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