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Clothing Supply Chain
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Woodland Group provides optimised and sustainable fashion supply chain solutions, supported by innovative technology and IT integrations.

Clients in fashion worldwide rely on us to provide flexible, time-effective solutions for this fast-moving and ever changing sector. From optimised warehousing, to customs and compliance support, as well as streamlined global transportation and sustainable fashion supply chain management, we always deliver success.

Whether you are a designer, manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, we have the expertise and resources to bring visibility to your operations and grow your business.

Clothing Supply Chain

From sourcing, to production and final mile delivery, our dedicated fashion logistics experts offer fast and efficient solutions, while our sustainability experts help you future-proof your business.

Thanks to decades’ of fashion transport expertise and locations across the globe, we optimise the transportation and distribution of your garments, minimising delays and ensuring that your products reach their destinations on time.

Our advanced tracking system also provides visibility of your shipments and allows you to plan ahead, minimise risk, and access reports instantly.

Fast Fashion Supply Chain Solutions

We deliver fast fashion supply chain solutions that are sustainable. Woodland Group understands that fashion is an ever-evolving industry, and our express delivery solutions are designed to get the latest looks straight to your customer’s door safely and cost-effectively.

Sustainable Distribution

Woodland Group believes that fashion can be beautiful, ethical, and environmentally conscious. Our sustainable fashion transport solutions deliver green warehousing and final mile services, as well as transport chain planning, carbon reporting and sustainable fashion supply chain management tools.

Optimised Warehousing

Through our warehouses across the globe, we deliver fashion-first warehousing solutions that are specifically optimised for clothing brands. From inbound logistics to outbound distribution, Woodland Group’s services are designed to optimise every step of your supply chain.

Our advanced inventory management systems ensure accurate tracking and efficient handling of your fashion products. While, with our pick-and-pack services, your orders are fulfilled accurately and quickly, and our seamless integration with leading e-commerce platforms ensures smooth operations and real-time visibility.

Time-Effective Solutions

Woodland Group Streamlined and time-effective fashion supply chain solutions will transform your business operations and propel your success.

Our enhanced inventory management system and accelerated time-to-market solutions minimise lead times and are easily scalable as you grow your business. While our cutting-edge technology and seamless integrations deliver data-driven, actionable insights into key metrics to help you stay ahead of the competition. These include lead times, order accuracy, inventory turnover, and customer demand patterns.

Fashion Logistics FAQs

How does Woodland contribute to sustainable fashion?


By using methods like detailed carbon reporting, alternative transport routes and green warehousing as part of our fashion logistics service, we help to reduce the environmental impact of the clothing industry.

How does the fashion industry’s supply chain work?


The fashion supply chain includes everything from designing clothes and producing the materials required, to manufacturing them and distributing the clothes so that they can be sold.

What processes are part of fashion logistics?


Some of the main processes involved in fashion logistics are:

  • Forecasting
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory management
  • Distribution
  • Tracking
  • Order fulfilment
  • Carbon reporting

How can I expand my business with Woodland’s clothing supply chain services?


Woodland’s fashion supply chain services allows those in the industry to fully utilise their resources. By enabling them to reduce logistics costs, improve asset utilisation and deliver their products quicker, fashion businesses can focus their efforts and resources on expansion.

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