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At Woodland Group, we’re proud to serve the fast-moving domestic and international automotive world. We provide cost-effective, flexible, and tailored automotive solutions to suit the specialist needs of this fast-moving sector.

With help of our state-of-the-art technology and automotive management experts, we deliver end-to-end supply chain solutions tailored specifically for the automotive sector. From sourcing raw materials and delivering finished products, to importing components or classic car deliveries, and planning operational motorsport events and Just-In-Time (JIT) movements, we've got you covered every step of the way.

Automotive Logistics Solutions

  • Specialist vehicle movements
  • Customs and import/export support
  • Compliance specialists
  • Motorsports logistics
  • Parts logistics
  • Just-in-time Express solutions
  • Covered car transport
  • Overnight shipments and expedited service
  • Cargo insurance
  • Live track and tracing

Automotive Warehousing

  • Warehouse centres worldwide
  • Distribution and warehouse automotive management
  • eCommerce
  • Exceptional IT system and one warehouse management system globally
  • Spare parts distribution


As the official logistics partner to the FIA World Rallycross Championship, Woodland Group has made its name moving cars, spares and Championship equipment to three continents responsibly and cost-effectively. From consulting on the Championship calendar planning, to mapping out the most sustainable Championship logistics solutions, the time-sensitive series has always been delivered on time while under the Woodland banner.

Woodland has shipped drift cars around the world so they can enter the finals of the Monster Energy Gymkhana Grid Series in Johannesburg. The event, which is the brainchild of late internet sensation Ken Block, was held in South Africa for two years consecutively.

Woodland regularly moves top stunt drivers and car related TV shows to far away places, handling customs, compliance, and movements of the cars with the utmost care.

Classic Cars

Moving historical vehicles, classic cars and collector items is like working in the antiques sector, whether they’re delivered to a race track, a workshop or your home. It requires a white glove service which is tailored to each individual project. We offer a door to door covered classic car transport service, giving your vehicle the care it deserves.

Personal Cars

Whether you are moving location or looking to have a vehicle delivered to you, we take care of every detail of its movement for you. Utilising Woodland offices across the globe and our network worldwide, we are able to cover your global move with full supply chain solutions, including air, ocean, rail to road, warehousing and customs, with full tracking available.


With the electrification era upon us, a large number of manufacturers have made significant commitments to the build of hybrid and electric vehicles. We have subsequently seen a large increase of electric vehicles on our roads, with new models added frequently.

The transportation of electric cars demands experience and knowledge due to the highly hazardous lithium batteries which power them. At Woodland Group, you can be safe in the knowledge that we manage the movement of your electric vehicles safely and compliantly, no matter where in the world you ship from or to.

Automotive Logistics FAQs

What is automotive management?


Automotive management refers to the overseeing and coordinating of all aspects relating to the running of an automotive organisation. It involves the application of managerial principles and practices to the automotive industry, which includes manufacturing, sales, distribution, marketing, and the servicing of automobiles.

Effective automotive management means staying up-to-date with industry regulations, safety standards, environmental laws, and other legal requirements, ensuring compliance with these regulations. It also involves implementing practices that promote sustainability and responsible business operations.

How is automotive cargo insurance calculated?


When calculating automotive cargo insurance, the following risk factors are taken into account by insurers.

  • The value of the vehicle or its parts
  • The mode of transport — is it sea, air or road?
  • Which countries the vehicle is going to or from

The above factors determine the cargo insurance cost. It is likely insurers will insist there is an inspection report before the goods are loaded, and that the vehicle is securely strapped in the container. The insurer may apply a deductible/excess to any potential claim.

What is the usual estimated time for covered car transport with Woodland?


Once information is provided regarding the value of the vehicle or its parts, the mode of transport and which countries the vehicle is going to/from, we can provide a specialist covered car transport quote within 48 hours. Cover attaches according to the Incoterms used on the shipment.

What is automotive logistics?


Automotive logistics refers to the management and coordination of the complex supply chain activities involved in the movement, storage, and distribution of vehicles, automotive parts, and related materials. It involves the transportation of cars and components from manufacturing plants to dealerships, distribution centres, and end customers.

Efficient automotive logistics is essential for minimising costs, optimising inventory levels, reducing lead times, and meeting customer expectations. It requires effective coordination, advanced supply chain management systems, transportation networks, and logistics partners specialising in automotive operations.

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