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Emissions Reporting

Whether weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly, we help deliver your business carbon footprint report and guidance to optimise and reduce your supply chain’s CO2 emissions

Our free calculator tool builds on the already well-established carbon footprint reporting of our own fleet and determines energy consumption, greenhouse gases and air pollutants for all modes of transport globally, providing consistent and detailed calculation for intermodal transport chains worldwide.

While accredited by Smart Freight Centre to be in accordance with the GLEC Framework, it also meets the requirements of EN 16258 and the GHG protocol (Corporate Standard) and is one of the most sophisticated emission calculators available in supply chain management.

Included in calculations are the transport distances, energy consumption, greenhouse gases CO2 and CO2 equivalents as well as air pollutants SOx, NOx, NMHC and PM10 and detailed emissions for Well-To-Tank (WTT) and Tank-To-Wheel (TTW) across air, ocean, rail and road transportation.

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