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Managed Duty Reliefs

What are Managed Duty Reliefs? 

We identify the correct relief depending on circumstances and obtain the right approvals from HMRC introducing the most cost-effective processes. Duty reliefs can be very rewarding in cash terms.

Inward processing

Using Inward Processing, importers can save duty on the goods that they re-export outside of the EU. In addition, exporters can recover the duty paid on non-EU sourced raw materials supplied to them.

Outward Processing

Outward processing allows exporters to ship EU goods for processing to parts of the world where labour is perhaps cheaper. The value of the materials exported can then be deducted from the value of the exported goods, resulting in reduced duty payments.

Duty Suspensions and Tariff Quotas

The European Union (EU) temporary duty suspensions and tariff quotas regime allows the duty free importation into the EU of raw materials, components and semi-finished products which cannot be supplied (or supplied in sufficient quantities) from EU or Turkish manufacturers and are used in a process to make another product.

Suspensions allow unlimited quantities to be imported into the EU whereas quotas allow limited quantities to be imported. This regime cannot be used simply to import for resale.

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“With the recent safeguard duties put in place in 2018. Woodland Group took the time to look at all tariff quotas available. As a result of the search we were able to identify several clients not taking advantage of the duty relief. For one client in particular, due to the quotas still being open, we were able to recover £24k of overpaid duty.”


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