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Case study

We Kick It Up A Knot

The client is a global manufacturer and distributor of premier marine hardware with locations in both the US and Europe.


The challenge

Prior to working with the Woodland Group, our client was looking to maximize as many US orders as possible every week while meeting their weekly air and ocean deadlines so they can deliver to their customers in the required time frame.

This client manufacturers a range of various marine products over in Europe and needed to fulfill US orders as last as Friday and ensure delivery to their end customers by the following week.

How we delivered

We offer expert personalized solutions to help your business succeed. We delivered the following services to help this client’s growth:

The solution

Through negotiations with our suppliers along with analysis from our supply chain solutions team and trade lane management, Woodland was able to create a tailored made solution for our client.


Woodland has an empty trailer sit at the shipper’s facility every Friday afternoon (local time) so the client can take on as many US orders as possible and not worry about the pallet count and dimension changes affecting the pickup. The trailer is then delivered directly to our screening facility and then transferred over to the airline. With negotiated pre bookings established with our airline carrier, our client has guaranteed space every Saturday to ensure the freight is in our US warehouse by Sunday. The shipments are then cleared over the weekend and delivered either Monday or Tuesday depending on the client’s warehouse capacity. With the freight transferred to our US warehouse after arrival, we also give the client the option of pulling one or multiple pallets from the shipment and deliver directly to their end customer to reduce transit times even further.

The team

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Customer care
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The result

Woodland Group enables our client to fulfill more US orders weekly while maintaining regular weekly deadlines. With the leisure marine industry growing, our client is able to grow with the market and saw their sales increase over 30% in their 1st quarter of the year.

With our supply chains analysis we were also able to reduce our client’s costs by over 20% thanks to negotiation with our suppliers.

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