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Case study

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We were approached by a leading manufacturer of electrical automotive components. This business supplies most of Europe’s major car and truck producers, as well as many other automotive markets around the world. 


Of space being immediately released for our client's production needs

The challenge

Historically, the client’s components and raw materials were held in on-site warehousing, before being fed to their production lines on a Just-in-Time (JIT) basis.

They urgently needed space to increase manufacturing output – and this space would need to grow over the next two to three years.

The client’s components and raw materials are fed to the plant from other facilities and suppliers in Germany, Italy, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico and the Far East (principally China), with daily deliveries from all sources.

They looked to us to manage the logistics process, from inbound components and materials to JIT delivery. In addition, we needed to provide off-site warehousing to deal with the immediate expansion of production space.

The logistics facilities, management and staff we provided would need to be available 24/7. Not only would we be feeding the manufacturing process, but also taking immediate responsibility for actions relating to quality control.

How we delivered

We offer expert personalised solutions to help your business succeed. We delivered the following services to help this client's growth.

The solution

Woodland Group’s supply chain solutions team collaborated closely with the client to understand all their logistics activities. After analysing and developing best practice solutions, we set up and managed:

  • Warehousing to receive, sort, hold and dispatch components/materials to production lines.
  • Inbound arrival times for European trailer traffic.
  • The receipt, recording, picking and dispatch of all inventory.
  • Unpacking and repacking consignments in stillages for delivery to the production lines.
  • The receipt, storage and preparation of raw materials such as steel coils.
  • Ocean shipping from outside Europe – including direct to plant where required.

To meet labour needs, we enabled shift working through a flexible resource which adapted to peak requirements in receiving, sorting, picking and dispatch. For weekends, we enabled 12-hour shifts with a flexible resource. Not least we provided hourly transport from warehouse to production lines.

We also set up a round-the-clock resource to ensure quality control. Where defective components or raw materials were identified, the production line stopped and the batches identified, withdrawn from line and store, and placed in quarantine. Replacements were then dispatched to the line.

The team

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Customer care

The result

The delivery of our solutions led to over 2,000m2 of space being immediately released for our clients’ production needs. There is also potential for a further 5,000m2 to be released when it’s needed.

  • Provided full cover for the JIT provision of all materials to production lines.
  • Introduced real time recording of inventory movements and clear visibility of stock. 
  • Enabled flexible staffing for peak workloads.
  • Minimised downtime through actions taken regarding quality control.

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