27 June 2023Guide
Guide to The Lacey Act

What is the Lacey Act?

The Lacey Act is a set of US import regulations established to combat the illegal trafficking of wildlife, fish and plants. In 2008, its scope was expanded to include a broader range of plant and plant products, such as timber, wood, and paper, meaning it became unlawful to import products that are illegally harvested, or import certain products without a declaration.

What’s New?

Phase VII is expected to come into force by Spring 2024, and will include a wide variety of materials and plant products that, up to now, have not required a declaration.

Harmonized Tariff Schedules (HTS)
for plant products that are not 100 percent composite materials will also be included under the updated regulations. A wide array of imported products—such as furniture, additional essential oils, and cork—that have never before needed Lacey Act declarations, will now require to have them provided.

How can Woodland Group help?

Our local teams across the globe have years of dedicated customs experience and can assist with, and guide you through, all customs changes and processes relevant to your shipments. Should you wish to check if your shipments are affected by the upcoming changes to the Lacey Act, we will help you identify the accurate tariff classification codes to ensure you are compliant with the latest customs regulations.

Should you wish to clarify which tariff classifications or products of yours may be affected, please do not hesitate to contact your Woodland representative who will be able to assist.

If you have any questions about US customs compliance, or would like to speak with a customs expert, please contact us below:

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