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Woodland Group takes its corporate and social responsibilities seriously. We strive to do the right thing for our clients, our people, the communities in which we work and the wider world.

Committed to the environment

Environmental management encompasses all aspects of our business. Primarily, we aim to minimise our greenhouse gas emissions, our consumption of energy and resources and our production of waste. 


We’re aiming for one of the most fuel-efficient fleets in the marketplace by investing in adopting viable, proven technologies. 

Logistics Operations

Through driver education, planning, vehicle monitoring and software tools, we’re minimising transport miles, avoiding congestion and reducing fuel consumption.  


In addition to reducing tertiary/bulk packaging, we’re also happy to work with customers on product packaging design. This will cut waste, reduce freight costs and help customers reduce their carbon footprint. 


Through education and motivation, our people are making a significant difference to the environmental impact of the Storage, Distribution and Administrative areas of the business. 

Working with charities 

We’re proud to work with the following charities: 

Panathlon Foundation

New independent research has revealed the full extent of our longstanding partner Panathlon’s transformational impact on schools, competitors and young leaders - read more here:

Panathlon Impact Review

(research done by Bean research)


Woodland Group & The Panathlon Foundation from Woodland Group on Vimeo.

Essex & Herts Air Ambulance

Lords Taverners

Lift Life Foundation


If you would like to know more about these organisations, how you can help or how Woodland could help your charity or cause, please get in touch.

Transparency in business

We're members of a number of trade associations across the UK, Ireland and the USA. We're active members of The British International Freight Association (BIFA), the National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of America (NCBFAA) as well as the Irish International Freight Association (IIFA). As thus, we trade under their respective nationally accepted Standard Trading Conditions, and abide by their codes of conduct, which have been put in place to protect the public, enforce the law, and enforce honesty and transparency in all business relations.

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