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Warehousing and fulfilment

Through our global warehousing facilities, we offer a full range of efficient, cost-effective and accurate fulfilment services that are highly efficient and technology driven. Our dedicated account management acts as your central point of contact and offers a high quality of care.

From local market assistance to seamless international B2B and D2C solutions, our multi carrier solutions and warehouse offering in over 10 countries are all managed through our “Client Access Portal” which provides you with a secure online management dashboard to manage all aspects of your account, easily accessible online.

 To secure space across any of our USA locations specifically and/or make use of our special SME rates in answer to the 2022 USA 'race for warehouse space', please contact us here.

We provide you with the full end to end service; From factory through to delivery to your end consumer or retail customer: 


Industries We Serve

  • Consumer Goods
  • Electronics
  • Food & Beverage
  • Health & Beauty
  • Outdoor Garden
  • Multichannel Retail
  • JIT Production
  • Automotive

Benefits of working with a scalable 3PL fulfilment company

There are a wide variety of benefits to partnering with Woodland Group for your 3PL needs. We have highlighted just a few of the most important reasons below:

Comprehensive Order Management

We are continuously developing our already advanced fulfilment software. The industry is constantly changing, and we ensure you can provide a service offering that keeps up with these changes. Our solutions give you real-time insight into the end-to-end process of a customer order. Our best-in-class warehouse management technology allows you to have full transparency and visibility throughout your entire fulfilment process.

Inventory / Stock Management

You need to know where your stock is, when it is available to be sold, or when you need to re-stock. Using Woodland, you have the ability to track your inventory throughout the fulfilment process. Having access to our portal gives you the ability to manage inventory levels.

Modern Facilities & Equipment

One of our core values is being easy to do business with, we are passionate and experts in our field, and we want you to be able to bring your teams and customers to the warehouse and for it to feel like your own. All our facilities have state of the art CCTV, security, dock levellers, modern racking and the latest material handling equipment.

Going Green

We are passionate about our environment and about reducing the impact the transport industry is having on it; we are continuously looking at how to further reduce carbon in the supply chain and our warehouses and fulfilment services are key to this. Here are some of the things we have implemented or are working on:

  • Solar Panels on our warehouses to reduce our electricity usage
  • Upgrading to LED lighting throughout
  • Modern Electric Material Handling
  • Working with companies to review city parcel deliveries on push bikes
  • Making sure our Courier Partners are investing in the same green initiatives that we are
  • Understanding modern technology on fuels to see where this can benefit
  • Considerable plastic reduction by using the latest wrapping materials
  • Waste Management and Recycling



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