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Case study

We keep the presses rolling

Our client was established over 35 years ago. They are a UK-based international print and product sourcing services company with offices all over the globe. They utilise a large portfolio of independent specialised printers and manufacturers in the Far East. These are carefully selected for their expertise in specific areas, their capabilities and their reliability, particularly throughout peak periods.


Streamlining of the whole administration process

The challenge

Prior to working with Woodland Group, the client’s individual offices exercised a lot of local autonomy in choosing service providers, systems and their supply chain.

They engaged several different logistics companies, all offering different services and rates. 

The whole process worked but was very inefficient in cost and time. The operation needed consolidation and simplification. 

How we delivered

We offer expert personalised solutions to help your business succeed. We delivered the following services to help this client's growth.

The solution

Being the main but not exclusive supplier in the UK, we were able to pinpoint where efficiencies could be made. Engaging the senior management in the UK initially and then overseas, we reviewed the current processes from purchase order placement to consolidation of orders and delivery.  

A proposal was put forward to centralise freight buying using Woodland Group’s cutting-edge freight costing software and PO management system. Our goal was to streamline the whole administration process; including booking the manufacturing, choosing the best shipment method, tracking the PO and then the shipment all the way from factory to the client’s customer.

By reducing the amount of time spent on handling orders, as well as simplifying and streamlining as much of the process as possible, Woodland was able to demonstrate increased efficiencies, eliminate errors and reduce lead times as well as costs.

By consolidating mainland European orders through our UK hub, we could offer a quicker factory-to-door service. Our network of European partners and regular European export departures ensured the customer’s delivery requirements were always achieved.

This brought with it cash flow advantages as local duties and taxes could be deferred until after delivery, which had previously been impossible.

The process started by tackling the UK as we were already a supplier. This was then extended out to mainland Europe and beyond. Some of the many services provided include:

  • Management teams all around the world with clear reporting lines and the autonomy to make fast decisions.
  • Common rating at origin and destination to ensure both suppliers and customers are getting the best available pricing.
  • Integration of the client's order process in order to take responsibility of managing the factory outbound consignments.
  • Improved communication and ensure current legislation is always adhered to and client is kept up to date.
  • Teaching the client about freight forwarding with in-office seminars, warehouse visits and port and vessel visits. Giving the client an understanding of the logistics industry and giving them the confidence to entrust us with their valuable cargo.

The team

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The result

We have streamlined the whole administration process, freeing up their staff to spend more time on their core activities and supporting their clients.

  • The operation is smoother, quicker and more cost efficient.
  • We have provided the visibility and flexibility to adapt to situations.
  • We have ensured best practice at all times.

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