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We worked closely with an acknowledged leader in the design, manufacturing and supply of advanced digital radio communication equipment.


Inventory accuracy
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The challenge

This client employs new technologies for police and military forces throughout the world.

They share their manufacturing functions between several European countries, where they produce basic components. In the UK, they focus on final kit assembly and commercial operations.

Their UK operations give them the ability to overlap their commercial and marketing activities with those of their R&D and product development. Meanwhile, over in in mainland Europe, the manufacture of components can be integrated into the most appropriate plant.

There was no suitable UK warehousing. They needed facilities to handle their pick, final assembly, pack and global dispatch operations. Stock recording, inventory checking, product dispatch and documentation also needed to be managed. That’s where Woodland Group stepped in.

How we delivered

We offer expert personalised solutions to help your business succeed. We delivered the following services to help this client's growth.

The solution

Because we had already successfully worked with the client in logistics management, the client approached our supply chain solutions team to deliver several solutions to meet their challenges.

First, we undertook a detailed survey of material flows, customer requirements and business objectives. Then we established, planned, equipped and staffed a secure warehouse that could hold up to 1,500 SKUs for rapid pick, assembly, pack and dispatch of kits. 

We worked to identify all equipment and spares, and developed a real time stock-recording location and cyclical checking system that would ensure the continuing visibility of inventory. We also put European logistics in place, ensuring UK warehouse stock was continuously replenished.

Our solution included designing the warehouse, packing, dispatch and transportation cycle. This would meet the strict delivery deadlines that military and police forces demand. We also brought innovations to warehousing packing, dispatch and international transportation operations.

The team

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Customer care
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The result

Order-to-dispatch turnaround times reduced from three days to one. The time from dispatch to final delivery improved by 35% and inventory accuracy reached 99.9%. Our solutions freed-up our client's on-site space. They allowed the faster turnaround of response and order, improved cash flow and brought other commercial benefits.

  • Provided management reporting on logistics system performance, offering an objective basis for continuous improvement. 
  • Improved the visibility of the inventory and enabled a better way of seeing the progress of materials between the warehouse and customers.
  • Our client can now spend more time focusing on its core business portfolios.
  • Achieved significant savings in staffing and overheads.

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