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Felixstowe Transport Delays continue

The Port of Felixstowe are into their fourth day of problems on Felixstowe Port with little improvement and continued issues.


  • Long queues at the customer service desks  

  • Hauliers experiencing dwell times of 3 to 4 hours on quay 

  • High volumes building at Felixstowe will effect collections for the duration of this week

  • Continued Rail issues, including entire train failures to certain destinations

As a result of the continued congestion issues & delays surrounding Felixstowe Port most carriers are looking a short term contingency plans,

this will result on delayed schedules, vessel having cut & run or vessels being diverted to alternative Ports, in the main London Gateway Port


We are working hard to prevent delays and failures. The situation is impacting Woodland and all parties connected with Felixstowe.

We apologise in advance for any disruption caused to our transport operations during this time. 

Your Woodland representative will keep you informed if you are affected.  


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