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Woodland Group UK implements greener waste programme

As part of Woodland Group's continued commitment to sustainable initiatives and lowering our impact on the environment, we are pleased to announce Go Green as our new national UK waste collection partner

Go Green will connect Woodland and independent waste collection companies based close to each of our Woodland sites across the country. This will help us cut the carbon footprint and waste emissions associated with transporting our waste to larger national facilities, which increases the mileage for each collection.

Using local independent waste collection providers not only drastically reduces travel emissions but also creates opportunity for local economies as it creates more jobs in the areas.

Partnering with Go Green will also allow us to obtain greater and more precise detail from waste collection providers on materials collected and distances travelled, meaning that we are able to efficiently and more accurately report on the carbon released in our waste and recycling processes.

Go Green will be responsible for carrying out audits on the waste from each Woodland site within the UK to help better understand and categorise the waste being produced. Understanding the trends in waste will allow us to implement more specific types of recycling to reduce the volume of waste that we are sending to landfill as a business, something that will not only save on landfill and waste collection costs but, importantly, will also avoid the potential for large amounts of recyclable materials ending up in landfill.

The service will support us in the education and implementation of any new forms of waste collection and recycling, including site-specific resources and signage, to ensure that onsite staff are aware of and understand the processes in place.

We look forward to taking this step to continue to improve our environmental impact and we hope that you will join us in embracing this positive step forward.

If you would like to learn more about our sustainability commitments and KPIs, or learn how we can support yours, please reach out to our Green Team here.

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