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Woodland Group ranks amongst top 33% of global companies by EcoVadis on ‘Environment’

In support of Woodland Group’s commitment to continue to create more sustainable processes that will benefit all stakeholders, both internal and external, we recently completed the EcoVadis assessment, and were awarded a bronze medal in recognition of our sustainability achievements. 

This places Woodland Group amongst the top 40% of the 150,000+ companies across the globe having been assessed thus far, with our environmental efforts being recognised as strong enough to place amongst the top 33% worldwide.

EcoVadis is a global sustainability rating company which validates corporate adherence to 21 recognized CSR criteria which follow verifiable international CSR standards (the Global Compact Principles, the International Labour Organization conventions, the Global Reporting Initiative standard, the ISO 2600). Documentation and proof of policies in action are required to support every answer covering Human Rights, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Training, Health and Safety, Environmental reporting, accreditations and initiatives, Ethics, IT security and sustainable procurement, which includes environmental choices such as opting to procure sustainably sourced, recycled materials.

We chose to be assessed by EcoVadis to support the continued building of comprehensive and sustainable processes across key ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) factors that affect all Woodlanders and the Group’s network, and to help build a sustainable supplier and procurement management system through individual sustainability performance assessments of those in the Group’s ecosystem.

As one of the leading independent global logistics providers, we pride ourselves on delivering solutions that enable clients and Woodlanders to create businesses which adapt to changing needs, reduce impact to preserve finite resources and provide opportunity for sustainable future development for all. Founded in 1988, Woodland Group is a family business guided by values that support sustainable development to deliver a safe and prosperous future for generations to come.

“We have seen significant development and opportunities created through effective, close collaboration of our extended network, and believe that together, we can create positive change and deliver growth sustainably and responsibly. Ecovadis provides the relevant metrics and tools to further develop sustainable business practices and manage stakeholders to achieve our purpose of creating opportunity and delivering sustainable supply chains to all stakeholders. The bronze medal underpins our commitment to the development of sustainable processes and business environments and is a good foundation to improve on by continuing to develop sustainable systems and processes. The resulting action plan will be integrated into our sourcing and supplier review processes, as well as our internal development system.”, Kevin Stevens, Woodland Group’s Chairman and CEO, commented.

Learn more about EcoVadis, our carbon-conscious solutions or sustainable processes and initiatives here:

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