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Pressures on US trucking expected to increase

Following ongoing issues experienced throughout 2017 with an extreme shortage of available trucks across the USA, as well as the recent severe weather conditions compounding the problem, the USA are now bracing for a further impact to trucker availability as a result of implementation of a new US Government Regulation – ELD Mandate. 

The Electronic Logging Device rule (ELD) is going to be compulsory throughout the USA from April 1st. The regulation is designed to ensure that driving hours are closely monitored to look to reduce accidents caused by driver fatigue. The impact is expected to exacerbate existing industry pressures by reducing the amount of time vehicles spend on the road.

The ongoing issue of extreme driver shortage, rises in fuel costs, increase in demand as the US economy strengthens and the upcoming ELD mandate are set to drive up trucking costs, as well as extend lead times for collection and deliveries within the USA on both import and export trades.

Woodland Group UK and USA teams will continue to work with our associated trucking partners to ensure we minimise any impact to our customers.

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