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Positivity amidst crisis - communities coming together

Communities come together to deliver aid to those affected by the Ukraine crisis

The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian government has a wide-reaching impact on communities, industries and economies. While eyes are on the supply chain sector battling the surge in fuel cost, routing and the effect on the movement of essential goods, the transport sector has also come together in support of the dedicated community spirit and initiatives that have sprung into life over the last week in aid of those affected by the crisis.

humanitarian aid efforts

This last week, we have been able to connect with several volunteer-led support groups who have sprung into action to collect an incredible amount of donations, from clothing to food and medical supplies.

Gifted by communities across Ireland, UK and Europe, we have received incredible support from our collective network to be able to organise and provide free road transport assistance to get truckloads of items from Ireland and the UK to the Ukrainian border starting from this week, as well as offering customs entries and border crossings working with governments and official humanitarian aid organisations. Many hauliers are making similar journeys this week - the kindness and decency that is uniting communities at this difficult time is mobilising.

You may well be aware of local initiatives near you that you want to support but if you are a transport company with trucks available and are able to help, please get in touch with our team here.

aid truck

In these difficult times, it is important to remember our close communities, shared values and collective responsibility to support one another. We all hope for a swift and peaceful end to this crisis.

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