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Thick fog in Shanghai causes congestion and vessel delays

Thick Fog in Shanghai Causes congestion and Vessel Delays

The terminals in Shanghai are slowly reopening as the thick fog which has been a big concern in the area is now starting to clear. The fog has been covering the Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta Area over the past few weeks, causing long delays to port operations and ocean carrier services.

Ports at both Wai Gao Qiao and Yangshan terminals in Shanghai are beginning to start up operations.  However, the Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration has said that it may take a few more weeks for operations to return to as normal in Shanghai. Customers can expect delays to their shipments on the vessels affected.  


We are pleased to inform you that APL has started up operations at the newly opened Yangshan Terminal 4. Strategically positioned near the open seas, this will add to our customers options.  

Please be assured that APL is working with the terminal operators to expedite your cargo flow. We thank you for your patience and understanding and will continue to keep you apprised of any update or development.

For any assistance or help, please contact your local Woodland Group Representative.

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